Research shows that customers tend to be loyal to your business if they never experience such a problem. However, running a business is not a bed of roses all the time, there will
always be negative feedbacks. In addition to that, if your customer service is running poorly, you might lose potential clients.

How do you navigate the negative customer experience?

1. Listen to understand not with the intent to reply only

The 69% of frustrated and anxious customers will definitely yell once you attend to their call. The most effective and advisable way to get rid of their feelings is to listen to understand not with the intent to reply only with standard response script you have memorized for so long. Be polite and friendly as possible.

2. Stay Persistent

Your primary goal as a customer service representative during a call with an anxious client is to explain briefly the possible cause of their problem towards your service or product. Ensure that by explaining the possible reason won’t take for too long, the client’s time is important, especially if they are mad, they will only listen to you in a short span of time.

3. Forget the hold button

Putting a frustrated caller on hold is a common strategy for customer service representatives to stay calm at the moment and get back to the customer. Meanwhile, it is not
recommendable if you’re handling an angry caller. If you want to turn your customer negative experience around, avoid the hold button and seize every minute you have to understand the problem, explain the reasons and provide a solution. Let them know that you are doing your best to know the issue.

4. Evaluate and verify

In general, not 100% of the callers will let you know how they feel after the discussion.

After providing the solution and eradicate the issue, always ask the customer if they are satisfied with the level of your service. Being a customer service representative, you have to be attentive and patient to handle all the different types of the caller you will encounter all throughout of your career.


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