Couples, singles and even group of friends always hang out and relax in salons and spas. However, other business owners do not utilize virtual customer service representatives. As a result, it loses a number of potential customers as well as leads. Salons and spas are the places that people would want to go every time they need to de-stress, pamper themselves and feel rejuvenated.

How Does a Virtual Customer Service Representative Can Help Your Spa Business?

Many business owners disregard the thought of hiring outsources staffing for the position of virtual customer service representative. To enlighten you on this matter, its advantages are
as follows:

If you are just renting a space, it would be best to hire outsource staffing, as they will not take up any space at your place. In addition to that, both of your workload with the in-
house staff will be lessened. Virtual customer service representative can help you improve your productivity, by answering and handling customer inquiries and concerns. This provides you more time in serving clients and working on your branding and promotions.

With the help of a virtual representative, setting appointments is now easy on both parties, no need to go over on your Google calendar, journals or even planner app on
mobile. You just need to inform the representative about your time available within the day or in a week, then they automatically know how to adjust lining up all the clients
requesting for your service.

Moreover, an additional advantage of hiring a virtual representative, you can set a 24/7 hotline. Wherein, even if the establishment is closed, booking and setting up appointments for the
next business days are still available for the customers.

You have two options when it comes to billing or paying for the service of the virtual customer service representative. They can provide you an invoice in a biweekly, hourly or monthly basis.


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