These days where some of the people are self-proclaimed as experts, how will you be able to win the clients’ hearts as one of the “real” and trusted SEO specialist? Helping businesses to evolve in ways that are indeed efficient and attainable, here are the following tips to improve client relations.

Hacks to Build & Improve Client Relationship

  1. Don’t give false hopes

The most problem that clients endure nowadays are the promises and false hopes given by the self-proclaimed SEO experts. Organic growth and real results take time and require an individual to be an expert in the field.

Though there is a black hat practice to rank on top immediately, this is not a good strategy to use in a business. Using black hat SEO a business can suffer from the following scenarios:

  • Lead generation is nowhere to be found
  • Keyword stuffing or using a certain term multiple times more than the number of words, Google will penalize your website.
  1. Always choose quality over quantity

Overpromising and providing delayed tasks will cause you to lose the client’s trust in you.

To avoid losing clients as well as affecting your reputation, always set realistic expectations, starting by setting objectives and attainable timeline.

In this way, clients will notice that as you work hard for their business, transparency and mutual trust are being created. If you keep on overpromising, there is a tendency that clients will be disappointed and dissatisfied.

  1. Open communication

There is no other way to gain a client’s trust but to have an open communication with them.

Create a transparent reporting and a list of reasons why specific tasks or rankings did not go as well as planned.

Explain to clients the achievements of your SEO efforts including those rankings that are not good and the reasons why you did not attain it.

You can also use other free SEO reporting tools to make a concise report like SEMrush and MOZ, showing the client what happened over a period of time.

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